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GC Mordern Intriors / Gayatri Choudhary Featured On Houzz
GC Mordern Intriors / Gayatri Choudhary Featured On HouZZ
GC Mordern Intriors / Gayatri Choudhary Featured On HouZZ

GC Modern Interiors


(804) 286-0079

Richmond, Virginia 

 © 2017 by Gayatri Choudhary


Ever since Gayatri was 6 years old and her family moved into their first house in California, she was fascinated by interior design.  Gayatri started by picking out the wallpaper in her bedroom (orange, brown, red floral pattern with blue birds hiding in the background).  It was the 70’s and her selection was on TREND!  As the years went by, she was constantly updating her parent's house and/or re-arranging their furniture to get better flow. During college, Gayatri learned to sew - NOT to make clothes, but to make curtains, duvets, pillow cases, cushions, etc…

Looking back, Gayatri started helping others because she loved it and she understood the challenges of making changes to your own home due to emotional attachments, fear of making a mistake, compromising with your spouse, being overwhelmed, or just not knowing where to start. Gayatri has found great fulfillment in helping others find their home’s potential through use of color, furniture, fabric, wallpaper, and space planning. With her strong communication skills, she is able to understand the needs of a wide variety of clientele and provide individualized spaces for them. Her goal is to enhance interiors in order to achieve a more functional and effective use of space while still making the space feel calm, beautiful, and current.  The specific needs of her clients are foremost and she makes selections to ensure their space is comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.